I am a researcher and lecturer in education, with an interest in how videogames are entangled with our cultural experiences. My doctoral thesis provides an ethnographic study of a group of children playing Minecraft in an after-school club. This work illuminates the emergent dimension of play that occurs through collaborative engagement, in and around a virtual world. I am also interested in multimodal meaning-making and employing different modes in my own sense making practices, exemplified by a thesis that uses comic strips and illustration as a means of exploring theory and representing the complexity of the social world. I am currently working on the Horizon 2020 funded project ‘Alternative Framings for Gaming’ at the University of Leeds. I am also about to submit my PhD at Sheffield Hallam University whilst also working as an associate lecturer in the Sheffield Institute of Education.

(This blog is now self-hosted, thanks to Hoyland. The header image is a photo I took of a drawing on a wall, somewhere in deepest darkest Sheffield. The artist is unknown.)

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